Jamie’s Cadillac Coupe De Ville

This was shot back in 2015 and I never got around to editing this footage together. I thought to start how I’m going on and get at least one video a week completed.

I first saw this Cadillac at Players Show Classic in 2015, at that show I only shot two cars, Robin’s Rover 75 vimeo.com/130686610 and this classic beast. I spent the go part of an hour around this piece of Americana and was taken back by it’s sheer size and presence – I loved the lines and patina as well as it’s sofa like interior. Little did I know that Jamie had been watching me for the last 15mins – as we started talking I asked him why he wanted this particular car – “I’ve always wanted one of these since I saw Dr Dre bouncing up and down in the videos!” – Jamie had a dream and went for it.

Music – The Edge ~ David McCallum & David Axelrod






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