Bruce’s 1948 Land Rover

This is the third and final part of three spotlight feature videos that was taken at this year’s RetroRides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in Worcestershire.

This final feature spotlight showcases Bruce’s (Area 52) 1948 Land Rover. If you haven’t seen this on any blogs or forums this summer then be prepared. It’s not the usual everyday car and it was great to walk up to this creation and see and hear from Bruce himself what modifications have been done, why and a brief historic run down on this particular vehicle. From it’s roofless and removable door experience to it’s low down grass-cutting drop, this machine has something to turn a passer by into a stop, stare and share a picture kind of person. It’s been made for fun and has been engineered and modified without constraint to put a smile or even a questionable glance to whomever encounters it.

Bruce isn’t your usual automotive modifier, he’s played with a number of vehicles from Delica’s, Rascal’s, MX5’s and many more. Each one definitely stands out from the crowd and follows their own path. I can’t wait to see what Bruce has next up his sleeve.

This is Bruce’s 1948 Land Rover. Enjoy. Unfortunately the video has now been taken offline but here’s a few stills taken from the video:

Bruces Land Rover_01

Bruce’s bare bones build features removable doors.

Bruces Land Rover_02

Even kids had to stop and point. You can’t help but double take from a distance.

Bruces Land Rover_03

Subtle or extravagant – you can’t help but notice the spray gun shifter!

Bruces Land Rover_04

Yeps that’s right, it’s a drink holder made from an old spring – one of the first things that Bruce added to this machine.

Bruces Land Rover_05

Walk around the Land Rover and you find those little details that make you smile. The next shot after this showed the bottle opener.

Bruces Land Rover_06

The window does indeed prop up and down, just really depends how many flies you want in your face.

Bruces Land Rover_07

Representing Area 52 with the plaque on the front grill.

Bruces Land Rover_08

Unmistakably low.

Bruces Land Rover_09

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