David’s Ford Duratec Powered Lada

This is the second part of three spotlight feature videos that was taken at this year’s RetroRides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in Worcestershire.

This feature spotlight feature’s David’s (from Retroford) Ford 2.3 Duratec powered Lada. As I was making my first sweep of the show I couldn’t help but spot David’s Lada, the fact that it was bright yellow drew my eyes in instantly. Then walking up to the bonnet propped open, invited the camera lens to take a closer look. This machine is clean, superbly executed with a crazy engineering skills to shimmy that 2.3 Duratec engine into the Lada’s bay, I can only imagine what it sounds like and how it must handle being the Lada weighs nadda!

The Lada must be a hoot to drive and scare potential traffic light racers as it looks so OEM with the bonnet closed, even the steel wheels do not give a single thing away. The only thing that would let you know that it was something out of the ordinary on the road (apart from the paint job!) would be the tail lights zooming off into the distance as the lights turn from red to amber – signalling you to pull away.

Unfortunately the video has now been taken offline but here’s a few stills taken from the video: Enjoy this piece of engineering wizardry!








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