Porsche Cayman – Carwitter Exclusive

I’m not usually one for a ‘modern’ car but when Adam from Carwitter.com contacted me saying that he would be in the area with a Porsche Cayman, I thought why not!

It was definitely a change for the usual retro car that I’m used to shooting but in essence the same process would apply – pick out all the cool bits, shoot it and edit it to music that fit. In this case I went back into time again and choose Nina Simone’s – I Put a Spell on You. It was nice to see a new car with an old classic.

Unfortunately the video has now been taken offline but here’s a few stills taken from the video:

Porsche Cayman 01

Porsche Cayman 02

Porsche Cayman 03

Porsche Cayman 05

Porsche Cayman 04

Porsche Cayman 06

Porsche Cayman 07

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