Rothfink Ride ~ The Trampspotter

I again had the privilege to shoot with the awesome Rothfink Industries and this time we shot Andy Rudds crazy VW T25 Transporter Pick-up.

We shot this on the way back from a trip to South Wales, Pembrokeshire (awesome roads!) and headed to Newport to shoot this one off, static, slammed to hell Transporter and met up with the crew at the local fast food eatery. As soon as you lay eyes on it you just want to walk up and get as much in through your eyes into your brain so that you could somehow figure it all out – but it can’t. I believe it’s based on VW Golf chassis (Andy, correct me if I’m wrong mate!) I mean how else can you get that low!?!?!

It was great shooting this and the Rothfink crew were awesome. Andy’s a great character and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions – I should be putting together another edit of the video but with more talking heads approach.

For now enjoy this piece of art!








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