Rob’s 1966 Hillman Super Imp

We arrived at Players Classic early and the turn out of cars were top notch, unfortunately it was raining but I couldn’t help but notice Rob’s 1966 Hillman Super Imp amongst all modern automobiles. I’ve seen it around the internet on a few sites, including on StanceWorks so I knew that the suspension would have been played with and it had – it was on bags. I didn’t manage to get a shot of car raising and lowering due to a technical issue but it didn’t detract from it’s overall presence.

Whilst I knew I didn’t have many shots, this edit needed to be short, so I played on the fact that I managed to get a shot earlier in the day whilst it was raining – and edit it from the perspective of the Imp as if it was dreaming it was somewhere else – or at least in some better weather!

With a nod to the past and a salute to the stance movement I give you Rob’s 1966 Hillman Super Imp – enjoy!

Unfortunately the video has now been taken offline but here’s a few stills taken from the video:







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