Speedhunters – Andy’s GSX-R 1000 Powered Mini Minus

I was first contacted by Speedhunters in early 2014 – which was pretty amazing. It meant that I could essentially come up with a video piece and have it published on the site. I’ve always looked on the Speedhunters site and thought that one day it would be great to create something – and here it is.

This was the first official video that I produced for Speedhunters. This featured Andy’s GSX-R powered Mini Minus – which is pretty much a rabid beast. I first met Andy back in 2011 where I shot his and Dougie’s Carbon ’72 Mini 20XE, I didn’t have much time to shoot back then only around 2 hours but it was enough to put something together. This time around I met up with Andy to discuss a couple of ideas, one being the idea of a ‘Sunday Drive’. So we spent a couple of hours looking for a decent stretch of road, it so happens that we stumbled upon a small country lane with nice straights, bends, a nice dipping hill and also a tunnel – this was going to be fun. I left Andy and proceeded home, in my mind I was piecing together how it would all work.

Arriving home scooted onto Google Maps where I then found the road and virtually did the run, taking snap shots via Street View on Googlemaps. With the images I pieced them together on document, printed it up and then scribbled down, places to set the camera car (had to use my Dad’s Toyota Corolla grrrr), places to angle the cameras, along with lens choice. I had to rope the wife in as with each pass that Andy made there would be two cameras – one showing him entering the frame and another leaving the frame. I would later use these to sew together the interior onboard footage and exterior footage – creating a linear path of Andy and Mini. I also took static footage as well as a short interview to give the video more substance.

There was a lot more to the video and was definitely a big project, even if it was only a 2 minute and 42 second video – I still enjoyed the process and hopefully in the future will build on the planning and structure.








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