RollHard’s Volvo 240 Torslanda

After the rain subsided at this 2014’s Players Classic, we ventured in around the areas of Goodwood and came across RollHard’s Volvo 240 Torslanda. I had to stop few a few moments and take it in with my own eyes before burying into the viewfinder. I was so excited to see one done in such an impactful way, I’m sure there’s a few modified 240’s out there but not sure how many are on airbags.

First and foremost you need to see it in the flesh and take in the pure size of it, I’m sure it must me at least 2 and half Classic Mini’s in length or 4.8m to be exact! I’ve never seen the decals on the lower section before and was surprised to find out from the owner is that that’s how it came standard in its Torslanda form. Along with the decals the Volvo sits on BBS wheels and it’s amazing airbag suspension.

Unfortunately the video has now been taken offline but here’s a few stills taken from the video:







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