Goodwood 75th Members Meet

Goodwood 75th Members Meeting, what can I say – it was a great event. For this visit David (Retrorides Forum) and I teamed up to produce a video for Hutch Games and in particular for the their HutchTV Youtube channel. The thing with this type of event is that there is so much to see and so much going on. We decided to go with minimal equipment so to give us more time to be creative and not spend too much time deciding what lens to use – we were basically inspired by Amy Shore. This meant one camera and one lens (plus a tripod which I swiftly tucked away as it was annoying) Sony A7S and the 35mm t1.5 Walimex Pro.

This was such a refreshing shoot as there was nothing to worry about other than the shot. The 35mm was just the right distance to get the subject in shot but also wide enough to give the viewer a sense of the surroundings. David took a few shots and also captured the audio which helped move the video along and a nice pace. Really looking forward to shooting this way again.

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